Google’s Influence on the Internet, and Almost Every Organization That Relies of the Internet for Business

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Let’s talk about Google. After all, Google is a pretty neat organization, heck, even their headquarters’ lawns are mowed by goats, which they rent from a grazing company. But the span of their value goes far beyond their interesting landscaping methods. Google has a tremendous influence on the Internet, and all industries who rely on the internet for sales productivity and success. This is largely due to Google being the juggernaut of search engines, receiving between 65 to 70 percent of the internet search engine market share. But their influence goes far beyond just being the most used search engine, there’s a reason as to why they are #1.

65 percent of mobile Internet users rely on their smartphone or tablet to find a local business in order to make a purchase. Of this 65 percent, almost 90 percent of them used a search engine to search for what they are looking to purchase. So what do these statistics have to do Google? It’s simple, really. Google is by far the most effective search engine due to their algorithmic software they have, and continue to developed. These algorithms are capale of crawling the web, and keeping tabs on all kinds of data and factors, ensuring that their users receive the best search results for what they are searching for. In turn, 42 percent of Internet search users click on the top-ranking organic result, because they understand that search engines such as Google have the capability to return the best option for the web user in the top ranking organic results.

So why is this Google’s method of search so influential to almost every industry? Well, that answer is fairly simple, too. Most successful businesses rely on their website to sustain sales productivity, or provide a legitimate, and professional online presence for their organization. Since Google has become so popular for consumers to utilize, businesses that practice online marketing strategies such as SEO (search engine optimization), stand a better chance of creating new business, while sustaining their current revenue.

Google’s methods for ranking websites is largely based around on and off-site content. Websites that improve their content through SEO campaigns have a better chance of Google’s algorithms crawling their content, and improving their Google rankings. SEO marketing campaigns aim to target keywords that are relevant to a given business/industry, and yield a high search rate on search engines such as Google. By creating quality content with these keywords or phrases embedded in the content, allows Google to recognize your site as reputable for that keyword, rewarding you by increasing your search engine rank.

In short, Google’s influence on the web not only allows for consumers and searches to find almost exactly what they are looking for with a simple web search, but also provides incredibly effective marketing strategies, such as SEO, for businesses. 57 percent of marketers claim SEO has the largest influence on their lead generation. Businesses stand a better chance of generating more traffic to their company through SEO campaigns, than they do through any other traditional marketing campaign. This is why Google is such a neat organization. Although, mowing your lawn with goats is pretty neat, too.

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