If you Did Not Know it Already, Google Is the Coolest, Most Popular Kid at the Internet Lunch Table


I do not know if you have heard, but Google is awesome. For example, their first Google Doodle was in 1998, and depicted the Burning Man. It was there out of office message telling everyone that the two co founders were off to the Burning Man Festival in Nevada. And their first ever Tweet was on February 26th, 2009, and it was the binary code for “I’m feeling lucky”, one of the button options on their search engine.

Not only is Google cool, but they know all about being popular too. Google receives 65 percent to 70 percent of all of the internet search engine market share. That is out of the 92 percent of all online adults in the United States who perform at least one search per day, and the over 100 billion global searches conducted online each month. Google knows what is hot and what is not. And as the authorities on such, they rank websites in order of popularity.

That is why you want to get your website popular with search engine optimization and SEO marketing, and top off the Google rankings. Once on the high end of the Google rankings, you will be seen by all of the users who search via Google, and your exposure will skyrocket. Once you are readily available to be clicked on the top search results, thanks to your SEO marketing, you will see an increase in traffic to your site, and ideally a huge boost in sales to go with it.

Seo marketing will make sure that you are on the top ranks for several reasons. One, because being number one is primo bragging rights. Also, because nearly 90 percent of adult internet searchers will completely ignore the sponsored links at the top of each page of search results. Instead, they will only choose from the organic search results. And from those organic results, chances are that they will only be choosing from the top five. If your site is on the second page, or even requires the searcher to scroll down a little on their computer screen, you might as well be ranked 3,594. It will do you no good.

Moral of the story: using search engine optimization will up your search ranking, and therefore your popularity on Google. Once your popularity is up, Goggle will like you and rank you higher. Which in turn gets you even more popular. A delightful circle of joy and cupcakes.

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