Matt Cutts Speaks About Upcoming 2016 Google Penguin

Recently, Search Engine Round table released an overview of the recent Matt Cutts interview with TWIG on YouTube.  It is a very long video, but we watched the entire thing. Why? Because SEO Resellers around the world are wondering what the latest Penguin update will mean. Their has not been an update since 2014 – and that was fairly soft for SEOs. In 2013, there was a massive update that had broad impact for search engine optimization as Google made major changes in the ranking algo. So people naturally want to know what is coming early in 2016.

Well, to save you 2 hours of video time, we will summarize. Matt Cutts has been on vacation and doesn’t say much of anything in this video. He gives the Google party line (again) and shows off his new beard. About the only interesting part was when they asked Matt if people come to his house – a question he declined to answer. And we understand. I’m sure there are many people in the SEO community who are not happy with Matt Cutts – the lead member of the Web Spam team for many years at Google.

So we will continue to wait for Google to release Penguin to know the full impact of the update. They have stated that they want to roll many of the Penguin anti-spam mechanisms into the core algo – which makes sense. Will this mean a big dip for people, or just a harder time for small businesses to rank moving forward? We don’t really know at this point.

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