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Searching online for an answer to your question has never been easier. If you simply type in your question or phrase into a search engine like Google, you get hundreds of links that relate to your query. Do you ever wonder how search engines decide to put one website at the top of the list? This is accomplished by online marketing and a website’s desire to be number one search engine rankings. Simply put, the website that gets the most traffic is at the top of the list.

Because about 90 percent of Americans do at least one search on the internet per day, search engines work hard to produce the best results for users. The process of finding the most used websites is one that is now used readily by all search engines, but this Continue reading “Rank #1 on Search Engines”

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Today, people are constantly searching for information online. Whether the information is education related, or product related, the internet is constantly being used for something. About fifty eight percent of people have researched a service or a product online, according to Pew Internet. When businesses use search engine rankings to navigate their business they need to do so because getting the most out of the internet is what will end up boosting their business the most.

Researching which demographics are more prone to internet use is key for businesses, today. When they are using a search engine marketing techniques that scare internet users away are usually intrusive or irrelevant. About eighty four percent of people in the 25 to 34 demographic say that irrelevant online marketing has made them want to leave a website. When businesses decide to take search engine rankings seriously they will see an overall improvement in their profits, if they decide to us respectable Seo tools.

Search engine optimization is very important because forty two percent of people who use the internet search engines will click the links with the best search engine rankings, which will appear closest to the top. Businesses should consider using the services of an SEO company so they can take advantage of that fact.

Search engine rankings are considered very important in the internet marketing world because about ninety one percent of people living in the United States perform at least one internet search on a daily basis.

People are getting so attached to their mobile devices and using them to search for things all the time. Because of this, search engine rankings become even more important because of how accessible they are to internet users, literally all the time. Google has created an incredibly competitive market and businesses need to make sure they are keeping up with the newest technology and staying profitable.

How Providers Improve a Company’s Search Engine Ranking

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The validity of a search engine ranking comes from this simple fact: 75 percent of people searching online through Google and other search engine sites will stick to the first page of results and never even touch the second or consecutive pages. That leaves 25 percent of the online population who will even consider clicking on the 2 button, which even at 25 percent is a lot of people since about 92 percent of U.S. adults who spend time online will use a search site at least once daily. Even more considerable is the statistic that more than 100 billion searches are made monthly throughout the globe.

Search engine rankings, then, are extremely vital for any business to thrive online. Because of this fact, companies have turned in droves to online marketing, and more specifically search engine optimization, a term more commonly known as SEO. Through this tool, companies can all but solidify their positioning on at least the first page and at most the very first response to predetermined keywords. Through having more indexed pages, they have a far greater capacity for getting noticed on these search sites. Research estimates that companies who for instance blog end up having about 434 percent more indexed pages, which keeps them more relevant and more within the sights of these search sites.

SEO providers have the enviable task of optimizing these companies’ web pages and more specifically their individual search engine ranking through SEO, which is pretty basic in its overall explanation but very complicated in its initiation. Because SEO is very complicated and because SEO is always changing in its needs based on search engines’ algorithms and requirements, only certified providers with tremendous experience and the ability to enhance any company’s search engine ranking must handle it. The task is a considerable one to take on for any one company with another focus, leaving the experts to handle its search engine ranking position.

Through SEO, companies too can ensure anyone using a smartphone will have the same kind of access. Through similar marketing solutions that improve the optimization of sites through mobile devices, companies using SEO can blanket their coverage and ensure anyone looking for what they offer will find them. Mobile Internet usage is anticipated to explode by 2014 and take over online usage through desktop applications. Top SEO providers are preparing for this change and this chance to increase each client’s search engine ranking.

The Importance of Search Engine Optimization


Online marketing is becoming more and more important to running a successful business and a company’s search engine rankings are a crucial component of successful online marketing: 57 percent of B2B marketers say that search engine optimization has the largest influence on their lead generation. Consumers are increasingly buying products online and to find what they are looking for they are increasingly turning to search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, etc. The vast majority of adult internet users report performing a search at least once everyday. The higher a company’s website appears in search engine ranks, such as google rankings for example, the more likely a customer is to click on the link to their website. Customer’s typically go to the first result they see that meets their criteria and are unlikely to search through pages and pages of search results. Therefore, a higher ranking in search engine results leads to more traffic on the site and subsequently translates into more sales. It also crucial that the website have a high organic ranking, as opposed to a sponsored ranking. Between 70 percent and 80 percent of Internet search engine users say that they pay no attention to sponsored results and instead always choose organic results. Therefore, search engine optimization can increase a company’s ranking through a variety of Seo tools, such as improving web content and appearance and utilizing keyword research.

Overall the more online marketing activities and search engine optimization a company engages in and the greater their Internet presence, the more likely they are to attract consumers. Nearly 9 out of 10 US Internet users aged 14 and over report browsing or researching products online. Approximately 40 percent of this group will follow up on social media, requesting more information prior to making a purchase. Furthermore, more and more people are utilizing mobile devices while out shopping to connect to the internet and obtain information about products and companies. Studies how that by 2014, mobile Internet usage, such as smartphones and tablet, will overtake desktop computer Internet usage. 65 percent percent of mobile Internet users rely on their smartphone or tablet to find a local business in order to make a purchase. So the bottom line? The more online marketing the better. Companies should work to develop a presence on social networks and blogs, and also utilize search engine optimization.

Why Google Rankings Are Important To Understand

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People, businesses and other entities market themselves online. The one thing each has in common is that Google rankings play a key role in driving marketing efforts. The search engine employs a number of algorithms to rank sites based on various factors; the reason is because there are so many websites advertising even more products and services. Internet marketing is in turn driven by the fact that there are over 100 billion searches conducted every month around the world. Where a site ranks on a list is important, because online marketing studies have found that 42 percent of search engine users click on the first result on the page. Online businesses, therefore, are concerned with where their page appears on a search results page. Nowadays, the concept of Google rankings dominates marketing departments in businesses in every industry.

Not too long ago, marketing was conducted via print ads in newspapers and magazines, television commercials, and billboards. The Internet and search engine optimization have come into play relatively recently and have advanced quickly. It was only in 1998 when the first Google “doodle” appeared. The drawing depicted the Burning Man festival and served to communicate that co founders Brian and Page were out of the office attending the event. Even the pioneers in the early days were allotted some time for fun! Nowadays, some businesses are not having fun because their search engine ranking changes when Google’s algorithms are modified to deter spammers. Sometimes this decreases Google rankings when a site doesn’t meet certain rules for keyword placement, for example.

Despite its broad range of influence in the modern world, the search engine company employs some old world methods. At Google’s company headquarters, the lawns are mowed by goats rented from a grazing company. This is good for saving money, but it also is better for the environment. A company looking for the best Google rankings probably does not think about this, but the organization does not want to inconvenience anyone. In fact, it offers guidelines to help legitimate businesses address how to make changes to their content, for example, after a change like the Penguin and Panda updates a few months ago. There are also numerous resources for SEO news, and tools for gauging the effectiveness of specific strategies such as link building. Knowing the best ways to increase Google rankings helps to keep a leg up on the competition and maintain a positive reputation for your business.

Google rankings increase website traffic

Google rankings

Google is one of the most popular search engines on the internet. It is so popular that it would not surprise me if all of the users in this country who perform at least one online search per day (92 percent of them, to be exact), use google. In fact, search engines are utilized the most by consumers to research a product or service. Fifty eight percent of them use this method, as opposed to only twenty four percent who go to company websites and the final eighteen percent who access social media to find what they are looking for. Also, now, people can research or buy products anywhere, at any time. Thanks to the convenience of mobile devices, forty eight percent of people who own one use it just for those purposes. The same applies to sixty eight percent of people who have smart phones and tablets.
In addition, all companies desire high google rankings. High google rankings mean that they are at the top of a google search. Also, high google rankings lead to increased traffic on their websites, which ultimately results in higher profits. How do companies earn high google rankings and therefore, attract more visitors to their websites? One way is through blogging. Blogging increases the amount of leads that a website has as a result of them having four hundred thirty four percent more viewed pages. The other way is through seo or search engine optimization. Seo blogs create higher google rankings. The higher companies google rankings are, the greater their website traffic will be.