Thinking About Investing in SEO? Here are a Few Facts You Need to Know

Seo marketing

It can be incredibly hard to get people to notice your website these days. Long gone are the days when all of the information that was contained on the internet could be neatly encapsulated into a book for easier access. Most websites could not even manage that these days, and that is not even including some of the more gargantuan ones out there. There are days worth of content on most sites and there are too many sites to even count these days. One of the ways that you can make sure that your website does not just end up being a raindrop in the ocean of the internet is to keep up with all the latest SEO news while you look into investing in raising your search engine rankings.

Investing in the services of an SEO marketing company can help you to make sure that your website shows up higher in a Google results page. Because of the fact that Google receives between 65 and 70 percent of the Internet search engine market share, you need to make sure to do the work to make your site reach all of their ranking qualifications. Even if you are not impressed by the fact that the Google company headquarters’ lawns are mowed by goats or that the first ever tweet that Google ever sent out was the binary code for I’m feeling lucky, you still need put in the work to make sure that their search engine ranking system is ranking your website as high as possible. Keep in mind also that this system changes as the internet evolves, so you will want to keep up with all of the latest SEO news to make sure that you are not falling behind the times.

Over half of consumers start researching a product or service by using a search engine. Even though you should not ignore the influence that social media can have on how and what people decide to buy, search is still much higher than those who or inquire via social media platforms or visit company websites. Making sure to take advantage of your consumer’s search habits is paramount. This kind of marketing strategy is referred to as an inbound lead. Recent market research has shown that inbound leads like search engine optimization actually cost about 61 percent lower than outbound leads, such as cold calling. One of the main reasons behind this savings is the simple fact that a significantly smaller amount of your employees time is spent on inbound leads. Cold calling takes quite a lot of time and has been shown to only be about 1.2 percent effective in creating a sale.

It does not matter if you are planning on undertaking the duties of search engine optimization on your own or you plan to hire some one to help you do the work, you need to make sure that you keep up with SEO news so that you can be sure to change your optimization strategy when the search engines change theirs.

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